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twitter clone :- Over the most recent couple of years, GraphQL has turned into a well known decision to construct an API. It additionally serves an extraordinary same and choice to REST approach. GraphQL is an open source question language for creating APIs. Rather than REST, which is an engineering or ‘an approach to getting things done’, GraphQL was created with the idea that a customer demands just the ideal arrangement of things from the server in a solitary solicitation. To follow this instructional exercise, you will require a server which serves the information from the MongoDB data set through a GraphQL API. Fortunately, on the off chance that you haven’t perused the past post, you can in any case clone this Github Repository, adhere to certain guidelines to begin the server and track with this instructional exercise. Likewise, ensure you have MongoDB introduced on your nearby dev climate, or on the other hand assuming you know how to send a MongoDB occurrence on the cloud, feel free to utilize that.

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